[Flash Fiction] Late Delivery (Nightgale, 3 of 4)

I’ve written a short piece called Late Delivery, the third of four short stories for the NIGHTGALE Blog Challenge from Glitterword. You can read it here. In a spooky coincidence, it is exactly 666 words.

Thanks for the opportunity to take part in this challenge, Stevie!

The story page won’t accept comments, so please feel free to leave comments below if you like. Thanks!

  • Angie Richmond

    WOW! Amazing Daniel, absolutely amazing πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Angie. When are you going to jar loose with some of your writing?!

  • I should have taken the ‘spooky’ comment a little more seriously. This is so strongly written and so darn scary! Really really well done!

  • Lara

    That was very enjoyable! The part at the end was the best – truly did make my skin crawl.

  • Very, very nice! I should have read it earlier in the day, though. I’ll be dreaming of thumbs pressing into eyeballs. πŸ™‚

  • David A Ludwig

    Very awesome, and my favorite line is definitely “I understand time’s ouroboros.” I really want to find an excuse to deliver that line myself now.

    Great contrast between Laslo and Nick–and I was sad but not surprised to learn of Jen’s demise. The whole scenario presents a haunting conundrum of what comes after death, then forces it to immediacy by bringing death suddenly instead of leaving it on the horizon. If Laslo is right that all of them are going to enjoy a better state there’s some comfort in that, but at the same time sounds like the kick-off of a zombie apocalypse.

    • Thank you for the terrific comment, David. I wanted to do an afterlife-revenge story that seemed promising and frightening at the same time.

  • joni

    Very vividly painted imagery, there, especially at the end with the thumb in the eyeball.