Nanowrimo Survival Guide 2012

It’s that time again! Actually, it’s not, but you can smell it in the air: that smoky melange of burnout, hope and desperation that is National Novel Writing Month. Though I’m probably not participating this year, here are some links from last year to help you gird up for your journey through jacked-up word counts and mutual despair!

Wallpapers for 2013 won’t be done for a while, but come on, man, it’s September.

I’ll continue to post updates up through November. Are you ready for some football?!


5 Replies to “Nanowrimo Survival Guide 2012”

  1. Pretty sure I’m going to pass on NaNo this year, after four consecutive years of joining in. Feel like #blogflash2012 counts as my high pressure writing gig for the year!! However, I love the list of links you’ve provided here and will make good use of them as they apply to the craft at large!! Thank you!! 🙂

  2. What a handy dandy collection of NanoWriMo tips, tricks and sanity-savers. (Did I just mention sanity in the same sentence as NaNoWriMo? Talk about your oxymorons.) I’ll be back to poke through the words of wisdom a few times before the end of November, I’m sure. Thanks, Daniel!

  3. Dang, wish I’d found these 2 wks ago! Ah well, I’ll take out what applies for this year, & keep this post bookmarked for next year. Thanks for a fun & enlightening montage!

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